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Robby Burns Night Out

The “Misunderstood” Haggis

Robert Burns, the grand Bard of Scottish Poetry, praises the Haggis as “Great Chieftain of the Puddin’ Race” in his world famous poem “Ode to the Haggis” which is recited at Burns Suppers all over the world on the 25th of January each year.  

You would think that Haggis would be a staple eaten in households and offered in restaurants all over Scotland but this is certainly not the case.  Very few restaurants offer it on their menus and hardly anyone eats it at home.  You will however find it at both locations of The Bothy here in Edmonton.

Contrary to the esteem that Burns shows the haggis, very few people have ever tasted haggis and when it is suggested, turn their noses up at the thought of it.  They do not know what they are missing!!!!

At The Bothy it is served with mashed potatoes (tatties) and pureed turnip (neaps) and by all accounts is very wholesome, rich and delicious.  So why not consider it on your next visit to our establishment and let us know how you find it.  We are sure you will enjoy!