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All islands being coastal, have a good degree of sea influence, a briny and conversly perhaps like the islands stark contrast to the sea, a tendency to be drier on the finish

Arran 14 Year
Arran ‘The Illicit Stills’
Arran Machrie Moor
Arran ‘The Bothy’ Qtr Cask
Arran Sauternes Cask
Highland Park 12 Year
Highland Park 18 Year
Highland Park Magnus
Highland Park Valkyrie
Jura 10 Year
Jura Superstition
Jura Prophecy
Longrom CV
Longrow Gaja Barolo 7 Year
Scapa Orcadian
Springbank 10 Year
Springbank 15 Year
Talisker 10 Year
Talisker D.E.
Talisker Storm

Once home to over 30 distilleries, this region has honorary status only, as only two distilleries survive in Cambeltown today. The region follows the briny lowland island style, and survives as an honorary region only out of respect to the family owned Springbank, (whom before Glen Scotia was bought by the Loch Lomond Company), would send its own staff to run Glen Scotia Distillery to aid local employment and support our whisky heritage.

Islands, Scotland

Campbeltown, Scotland